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To earn on mining and forks on stock exchanges.Good day to all.Do not rush to leave at the end of the article will be useful links.In our not quiet time, more and more is gaining momentum "Crypto".Just a few years ago there were two or three kinds of crypto-currencies costing from 10 cents to 6 dollars.,And now? Now more than 10 species and the most popular are already from 300 to 12000 dollars.The world was drowned in cryptomania.A lot of crypto-exchange exchanges were opened and some of them are not very bad.But unfortunately, pseudo and false exchanges are even greater.There are also full sites and resources that offer "mining" and cloud "mining", there are really good services and there are also false resources.As you understand, I will tell you about worthy sites.I warn that mining is only profitable on good and powerful equipment, it's a waste of time on an old computer.And if you really want to try it, I suggest MAINER

download and start the "start" file and see how your computer behaves.
If your equipment is suitable (processor or graphics card) you will see such a picture

 If everything is so, the mining went well.
Now I need to create a purse, above I suggested to you the "ZCash" miner.
Ways to create a purse a lot, but I suggest you create an exchange EXMO 

why? Yes, everything is simple.
Next, I'll write on what pools it is better to mince

самая популярная биржа криптовалют с самым большим соотношением валютных пар и способов ввода и вывода .
Намайненные денежки при достижении 0.01 кэша автоматически переводятся на ваш кошелек на EXMO

 Create a simple wallet, register on the exchange EXMO

, it is not necessary to pass verification.
In the wallets tab, select "ZCash", click the refill (do not need to refill) after you press automatically generated the address of your wallet., In the form of a combination of numbers and letters, then call it your purse (purse address).
This will be the money you've cashed.
On EXMO, you can exchange your koins into rubles, dollars and other crypto currency or just withdraw (there are a lot of ways to withdraw).
I do not go through the verification process  PAYEER

a purse in dollars, there I wait for the maximum rate I exchange for rubles and deduce on a bank card.
But on EXMO. there is a counter, you can earn on the quotes of currency pairs, if you look carefully at the chart

 then you will see that the prices that are growing are falling, which means that with a smart approach, you can buy $ 450 at night to sell $ 450 at night.To do this, choose a currency pair and below there are two graphs to buy and sell, choose the amount of crypto currency (how many for sale or how many mzheget or want to buy), click to buy or sell and the exchange automatically creates an order.When you reach the rate that you have chosen, the transaction is automatically made and funds are transferred to your wallet.If you want to shell another currency, a purse is created similarly.Do not rush to put, carefully look at the charts, determine about the minimum and maximum rates.Do everything slowly and wisely.I suggest you try to mine "ZCash" (at the end I will give links to other miners) FLYPOOL
You do not need to register here, go to the resource, click "Pools", select "ZCash" in the corner of the search, insert the address of your wallet (which you previously generated with EXMO and save), start the miner and after 10 - 15 minutes see your first result in the form graphics and caches
 When 0.01 is reached, the cache will be automatically executed (it can take from 2 hours to 2 days) the output to your wallet to EXMO
If something is not clear, there are questions to ask.
Below as I promised you I give links to other popular miners. Try to try and choose your liking, by performance:

new nheqminer_v0.2a_suprnova.rar 
Claymore's Dual Miner v10.0.zip 
New Claymore's ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.0… 
dual pooler-cpuminer-2.3.2-win64.rar 
nanopull enterium.rar 
new nheqminer_v0.2a_suprnova.rar 
new ccminer-1.6-git-zr5-tpruvot.rar . 
 I suggest you also visit:
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